We've been in Silicon Valley for 20 years, and we believe that business and technology are about innovation and evolution. We bring our depth of experience and that core philosophy to every aspect of our work. We can work with companies to do things that others would never think to do. We also help large-scale companies get up to speed on the latest technology. We can do this because we were founded by a technology visionary, and we’re staffed by people who are experts in their fields.

In case you're wondering, we won't show up with wing-tipped shoes, three-piece suits and resumes full of superlatives. We promise. That's not to say we won't dress to fit the occasion. We'll bring out the good stuff when the job calls for it. (DC and NYC boardroom meetings, we're looking at you.) Seriously, we get it: not everyone is ready for a hoodie and chucks at the IPO party. But no matter what we're sporting, we'll be sure to bring fun, authenticity and a ton of experience.