We help technology and government clients formulate winning strategies, applying innovative thinking and clever insights. We offer strategic consulting services in the following four areas:


Corporate strategy needs to be continuously reviewed and evolved if you want your company to stay on target. As a global leader, you need to determine the overall scope and direction of your corporation and how the various business operations work together to become successful. We collaborate with our clients to address these and other critical challenges related to corporate strategy. We work with you to formulate the vision and mission of your company. We also help you design and deliver a portfolio of products and services as well as an implementation plan.


Business unit strategy has three components: deciding which markets to pursue, identifying sustainable competitive advantages and determining how to win while supporting the corporate strategy. We help you figure out how your company might formulate differentiated products and services to these ends. We work side by side with our clients to evaluate alternatives, make the right decisions and create an innovative yet practical approach to position the business unit for success in the marketplace.


Strong digital capabilities are critical if you hope to succeed in today's competitive, fast-paced environment. Global leaders must know and be familiar with the nature of their organization's digital footprint. We help our clients not only identify that footprint, we go a step further, surfacing opportunities for transformation. Ultimately, all of these points of knowledge feed an overall digital strategy that we design with our clients. Once they have that digital strategy, they can use it to achieve operational efficiency, better interact with customers and be globally competitive in ways they could not have previously imagined.



The market and your competition are changing constantly, and disruptive change seems to be the new normal. Your company must be willing to disrupt itself in order to maintain leadership and be the disruptor, not the victim. Can your company transform fast enough? We can help your company answer this question with a resounding "yes". We work with our clients to identify potential areas of innovation, including business model, new technologies, organization, and products & services, and then implement the transformation plan, including managing any setbacks and potential roadblocks.