We support our clients in three ways: Assessing and diagnosing their current state, Generating recommendations for significant improvement, and Ongoing monitoring to find potential issues early.


We work with our clients to assess their overall Cybersecurity strategy and the specifics of their implementations, from Perimeter defenses to the underlying behavior of their networks and data sets once past the perimeter. We cover it all: People, Process, and Technology. We analyze what’s going well, and where there are gaps and vulnerabilities.


We help our clients determine what Cybersecurity strategy and techniques are right for them. In today’s world, Perimeter defenses are tablestakes but are often not sufficient. Even the “layered Cybersecurity” approaches may not be enough…we think in terms of Pervasive Cybersecurity, in which security is not layered on but is rather embedded throughout. We can help you understand and protect the behavior of your network and your data sets.


As threats are ever-changing, it is essential that organizations continually watch for the first signs of an attack or developing weaknesses. We can monitor your Cybersecurity stature on an ongoing basis, and rapidly flag any developing concerns. You will know if all is well…or if it’s not.