JLA Advisors is a boutique firm offering our clients a comprehensive end-to-end set of services, from strategy development, technology architecture design and execution, to software operational excellence, with an emphasis on innovation. Our principals each have 20+ years of experience in strategy and technology transformation both as senior executives in operating companies, and as consultants and change agents. We help companies capitalize on the latest technology trends, capture cool and succeed in ways they would never expect.



Insight is born of experience, and we've got experience in spades. We've been in Silicon Valley for 20 years, surviving the bust and the boom. We've built companies, disrupted technologies and have the scars to prove it. We've played a role in over $18 billion in software deal exits. We contribute more to our clients than we're paid, and we relish winning and the adrenaline rush more than dragging out consulting gigs.


We work with you to apply design thinking techniques, quickly figure out what you need and then rapidly prototype, iterate and test. When it comes to the product development process, we connect product management teams with engineering teams and help them understand why “all answers are not AGILE”. We show them how and why they're failing 90 percent of the time, and we get them on track to succeed.​


We know you don't shape the market to your software; you shape your software to the market you want. We know business and technology is about innovation. We bring these insights and our deep software operational background to corporate resets and new strategy determinations. We understand and connect business and technology, leading our clients to success.


We know that traditional approaches are no longer sufficient; threats continue to develop and morph daily. Barely a day goes by without hearing about a new data breach or cyberattack. The bad guys keep evolving and perfecting their “craft”, which means so must you. We can assess your current cybersecurity stature, diagnose any weaknesses, make recommendations for significant improvements, and then monitor on an ongoing basis.


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